Ambonare, as the sole contractor, worked with the Texas Transportation Institute to upgrade the Work Zone Clearinghouse website ( from Drupal 4.7 to the latest Drupal 7.x. The primary objectives were to take the original version of the website and make it fully functional in Drupal 7.x, finish the conversion of the Drupal database from Oracle to MySQL, and document the entire site including system and user documentation. Specific project activities included:

-Analyzed the existing website, including the site contents, templates, core modules and custom modules, as well as the existing back-end Oracle database schema.
-Analyzed the outstanding issues and the desired feature enhancements.
-Created system design and migration plan to handle Drupal platform upgrade, content and module migration, and support of new features.
-Implemented Drupal platform upgrade and migrated the custom modules.
-Implemented content migration paths and perform the migration.
-Implemented bug fixes and feature enhancements.
-Performed System Integration Test (SIT) to ensure the new system meet project requirements.
-Supported User Acceptance Test (UAT).
-Launched the new system to the staging environment.
-Provided user training and documentation on the new system

The Drupal migration module was used to migrate all of the web contents over to the new Drupal version. The search features and online forms were enhanced to meet the agency needs. But there was no redesign to the original theme or information architecture.