Cloud Migration

Cloud computing cuts out the high costs of Data Center infrastructure. Instead of incurring huge capital expenditure, you can simply pay as you go on a subscription based model. In addition to cost efficiency, cloud computing provides you defined service level agreement (SLA) and great flexibility. Our Cloud Migration services help you expedite the process of migrating […]

DevOps Services

DevOps emphasizes collaboration and communication between Developers and IT Operations to automate and speed up the delivery process of software development and infrastructure changes while reducing costs. Our DevOps services help steer your development and IT operation teams into a system way of thinking in order to deliver software in a more efficient manner. We will tailor […]

Application Development

Business applications play a more important role in many organizations today. You rely on those mission critical applications to be available and reliable to run your business and serve your customers. As time goes by, those applications become outdated and cannot meet the ever-changing business requirements and expectations in terms of performance, scalability, security, and usability. And it becomes […]

Docker Consulting

Docker-based container virtualization technology and tools have enabled a variety of organizations, large or small, to accelerate their application delivery cycle. The traditional application development process is to write code, debug code in a local development environment, check-in code, and wait for the testing team to build and validate the code in a test environment. […]